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Adene Subscriptions - The Real story

It seems there is no one real story but a few memories and stories that resulted in enough frustration to one day decide on a way to make things easier and better for business owners.

Whether it was overpriced quotes which involved me selling my car to pay for a website, or hourly fees that would require me to acquire another part time job just to see the additional money go to the pocket of my designer. What the most painful part for me though was it took me 4 hours to make $100 and only an hours work for my designer to take the whole $100 from me.

We are in a world where our business needs to be online along with the need to continuously update our business online. With this comes costly fees and well as mentioned above, a lot of frustration.

So what did we do about it?

Well, by using our own experiences and looking at what business owners wanted and needed, we thought we'd develop a product and a service that is what we call today Adene.

Remember that time you bought a car or a home or even an item at the shopping centre, and the salesperson was sooooo nice and promised you the world then you thought wow I want this person to be my best friend. Following your purchase, your promising relationship floated away dissolving like a puff of smoke in mid air because that person who showed you so much love and attention is now just a figment of your imagination. They don't fancy calling you back, they can't answer your questions and well, who wasn't there to tell you where the trigger was to open the Fuel tank when you needed to fill up. This is the worst feeling and something you do not want to face when something you dreamed about is finally yours but now you face it alone. Well guess what, we felt this and decided this is something Adene will not be!

To eliminate the need of selling your car to make a dream come true, and that PPN (Post Purchase Neglect), we developed Adene in a way that is cost effective to a normal person and a way that you will always have someone there with you along the way.

I thought back to the day I wanted to start my own business, and how much money I needed to front up so I thought how can this be eliminated for business owners.

I thought back to when I started my business and there was no Google or any quick go to's for when I was stuck and didn't know what to do.

I though back to when I had to fork out hundreds to continue to update my website and designs each time something was happening.

Adene is basically a creation that was introduced to mitigate all of the above pains. The fact that you don't need anymore than $1000 to get you online and ready to start, or that there is no additional hourly charges for when you need to update content or designs each month or the fact that there is always someosomeone there to support you (singing that in the tune of the hit song from Naked Eyes).

We didn't just create a product or a different way of doing things, we have created a family and a family to keep growing. Adene is a support that won't break your bank or stress you out, we have a cost effective way of getting you success by letting us do everything for you without needing you to get another job just to pay fees.

I am excited we created a solution which is Adene. Here to help business owners, or artists, or anyone who likes to write blogs like myself and support them the whole way through ensuring them more money in their pocket and greater success!

This is not all for Adene, there are some bigger and larelargely exciting plans coming which will continue to help small business owners, or people who have hobbies they want to share with the world.

Success and nothing less!


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