• johndabbs

Adene Packages vs The Rest

There is a question of which way do you go when there is a need for advice and a product that will help drive success in a business. It is a world of thousands of options and a world where there are too many options to identify the right one for you and your business.

For the next few minutes, I am not going to communicate with you that Adene Packages are the best or that all other options other than Adene Packages are a bad choice for you, rather I want to discuss the difference in Adene's Packages and how they can benefit you.

Your business is only a business if it continues to grow and increase customer base and productivity. Although I want to ask you, if your priority is to grow your business & ensure you are utilising the most cost-effective model then who is looking after all the other stuff like your Website, Inventory, Designs and Continuous Improvement? I will paint a few scenarios below and highlight some of the different options, including how Adene Packages can benefit you as a Client.

Scenario One

You have outsourced your design and consulting requirements to a firm and have possibly paid a fortune for it, the results are amazing and I agree there are some great results out there! This option is great if you need a website built for a unique concept and yes they are very costly but this work is very detailed, takes time and fingers crossed you finish with exactly what you wanted. This is the standard way to get your work done although it is basically the only option you have once the project is complete. Post implementation and go live, you find you need additional work completed and you have questions or need support, what happens next? Well unfortunately with these firms any further work to be completed outside of the quoted price will see you paying some excessive hourly rates to get your work done, and in some cases, it could cost thousands. This would be a good option if you have enough in your budget to continue to fork out money to keep the ongoing work funded….I would say I have utilised this option once and that would be the last time, this was a decision mainly based on cost and a bit to do with the firm not caring about us once the product was handed over

Scenario Two

Hopefully your business is more successful than Bill Gates and you have hundreds of thousands to fork out to a Full-Time team working within your business to support all your needs rather than outsourcing. This is a great option, but it is not the most feasible option as the upkeep can be a lot of work and the cost is going to make some serious dents in your budget to say the least.

I like this option for the simple reason that you have someone available to you full time to complete work for you any time you need them….but what happens when you don’t need something done? If you are at the level of McDonalds, Apple or any other large company then having teams to complete this work for you is understandable, but if you don’t need someone full time then why waste your money? Would you keep your shower running all day only to use it once in the morning and evening? Just picture that water pouring out as your money, not a good feeling is it.

Scenario Three

The last scenario is an Adene Package option or utilising Adene for other Consulting needs for your business. Although you may think is just another service, it is not, it’s a unique service that provides packages based on what you need for your business with ongoing support and ongoing services. Rather than paying a large one-off fee, Adene has packages available with a monthly payment option so you know what you are paying at all times. Adene Packages gives you the option to have someone available at any time and to assist with ongoing services including Website updates, Marketing Designs, Social designs etc. at no extra charge…..yep it is all included!!