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Are you a newbie to Social Media, or just struggling to find the time managing your social channels?

Wish there was an easy way you can put it on auto pilot and still stand out in the world of Social?

Well we've got your sorted!

Our Social Media plans will ensure we establish a social network relevant to your business so you never miss on that critical post. The best part is, we take care of everything from Design right through to Content, Hash Tags and more.

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Some firms will claim to be the best in the business but then recycle the same template and format for all of their clients, Adene are proud to say all of our material is uniquely designed and tailored to every client. Our designers will create each item individually based on the clients criteria and caption each item manually to ensure uniqueness and higher traffic.


At Adene, we don't feel you should have to fill out forms online and chat to bots, we pride ourselves on our one to one service with our clients so know you can always speak to someone.

We understand the importance of establishing a great Social Network for your business so we will work closely with you and ensure we create your campaign like we were creating our own.


Initial Consultation

Up to 6 pieces of content a month including  scheduling across 3 major platforms.


Basic level research & implementation of hashtags




Initial Consultation


Up to 12 pieces of content a month including design and scheduling across 3 major platforms.


Research & implementation of hashtags


Monthly performance report


Monthly walk through of results



Initial Consultation

Up to 18 pieces of content a month including design and scheduling across 4 major platforms including Google My Business.

Detailed research & implementation of hashtags

Weekly performance report

Monthly Consultation on performance